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Zikileaks helps advocates get sensitive documents published without fear.

Privacy-preserving posting, non-invasive content verification, & anonymous donations empower whistleblowers to fight for human rights globally.


Whistleblowers, Civilians, and Donors

Uniting to create a more open ecosystem for public information

For Subject Matter Experts

Zikileaks leverage knowledge of the crowd and zero-knowledge employment verification to validate documents as authentic. Experts and citizens alike can contribute to curation and validation of leaked documents. Do you have what it takes? Become a curator.

For Whistleblowers

Zikileaks empowers advocates to release leaked documents on civil liberties and human rights violations without fear of being personally targeted. This is possible thanks to...

  • ⭐ privacy-preserving content posting with Railgun and Lens
  • ⭐ non-invasive content verification with Sismo
  • ⭐ anon donations with Railgun

For Supporters

Zikileaks is a non-intermediary media project that enables whistleblowers to submit documents and accept donations in a peer-to-peer and private way. When you read and donate on Zikileaks, you are enabling a generation of advocates to continue doing their work - safe from the people that aim to stop them.


Reach Larger Audiences with Lens 🌿

Whistleblowers are constantly censored and one of the hardest issues to overcome is getting your documents where people can see them.

Thanks to Lens Protocol’s network of interoperable social platforms, once your content is approved, it’s distributed across dozens of social media platforms automatically.

Proudly Built With



Sismo enables whistleblowers to verify their employers privately



Railgun enables private peer-to-peer donations and private content posting


Lens Protocol

Lens enables content posting and distribution across platforms

Our Team

We're passionate as privacy as a human right and are building tools to make this vision a reality.


Secret Soheimam

Fancy Frontend Officer


Kinda Anonymous Kirsten

Sismo Supercoder


Mystery Mattia

Railgun Representative & Lens Lieutenant


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Our code is fully open-source and we'd love your feedback!